Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Settled Down

My hubby is finally settled into his new duty station, about a 1,000 miles away from us. So here I am at home with the 3 boys....alone. I have come to understand the exorbent cost of daycares after being home with the kids. I want to charge my husband $800.00 a month per child for taking care of them. Luckily our oldest is in school so that leaves me with the toddlers; Monkey see and Monkey do. I want to write the producers at Bravo TV and explain to them what a real housewife is. Maybe I'm doing something wrong because I'm not spending my days at the salon or having lunch dates with girlfriends. My lunch dates consist of drive thru McDonald's with the kids in between BJ's and the grocery store. Yesterday we tearfully sent my husband back to DC after a long weekend home to celebrate the toddlers birthday. Our going away gift to him was the stomach bug. Last Thursday I spent the day in the ER with our oldest for dehydration and gastrointeritis. That was fun. I don't recommend spending a day in the ER anyway but when you add 2 toddlers to the equation it can easily turn into a nightmare. The upside is the staff was eager to get us discharged. Just as we settled into the car to leave I turn around to see the youngest vomiting in his car seat. So fast foward to Saturday...hubby comes in, we celebrate birthdays and have a great weekend. Monday morning comes around and so do the upset stomachs. So we send my husband off on a 2 hour plane ride with the stomach bug and here I stay with 3 kids and a stomach bug. Needless to say I will be postponing my day at the salon and my massage. The only rub down I'll be getting is wiping the vomit off of me.

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